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Monday, November 10, 2008

Two of the same or just a story?

I must admit, I'm a trailer junkie. I like spending my time watching movie trailers from Apple's website so that I can look forward to good cinema entertainment at my local theaters but today was a bit different. I noticed something odd about two particular movie previews and it leads me to believe there is more to each plot and the actresses that play each role.

I watched a few weeks ago "The World Unseen" by the beautiful actresses Sheetal Sheth & Lisa Ray. The story: a free-spirited woman named Amina (Sheetal) meets a traditional wife/mother, Miriam (Lisa), both women divided by culture and society learn a great deal about one other when their paths cross together yet stuck in a complex love triangle. It's a drama movie, so it begs to be a "chick flick" without much interpretation.

Today, I came across the trailer "I Can't Think Straight" by the same actresses Sheetal & Lisa. The story: spirited Tala (Lisa) is in preparation of her wedding until she encounters Leyla (Sheetal), they both become best-friends in which they fall in love for one another. This is also another "chick flick", so let’s not beat around the bush too much. (No pun intended)

Now here's my conclusion. After seeing both trailers I've come to think that: (a) they are the only two actresses to pull these stories, (b) they both wanted to be part of another excellent storyline or (c) they have a lesbian secret to share with the world and they are creatively releasing two movies to explain their “real-as-you-can-get” and “coming-out-of-the-closet” love affair. I'm more incline to think the answer is "all the above" because frankly I love women who love women, it is one of men’s greatest fantasies. I just hope that it really is the real deal; their lesbian love that is.

Coincidently both movies are directed by Shamim Sarif. I'm not too fond of chick flicks, but this may look good after all and I might just see them. So folks, go watch the movie trailers (below) for yourself and tell me what you think. Am I right?

The World Unseen

I Can't Think Straight

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