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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Unhappy Americans, Be Happier

Adrian G. White, a psychologist at the University of Leicester, made a mapping of the top 20 happiest countries around the globe.

Unfortunately, I'll give it to you straight, USA didn't make the top 20... but hey, look at the bright side America, we made it as # 23 so we have a long way to go now.

Maybe Stephen Colbert can do something about this study?

Maybe if all tv networks were tuned to 20/20's John Stossel's report on "Scared Stiff", we would all be less stressful and more happy with what we do and how we live.

Keep on smiling America and "don't worry, be happy" =)

via Guy Kawasaki

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JetBlue's flight delays extends to Iraq

The Borowitz Report breaks news that President George W. Bush has selected JetBlue as the dedicated airline to bring back troops home from Iraq.

President Bush stated “Setting an exact timetable for a withdrawal from Iraq would be playing right into the enemy’s hands... By going with JetBlue, our enemy will have no idea when we’re leaving.”

It comes as no surprise that JetBlue's CEO David Neeleman had to take desperate measures to reaffirm the consumer of solutions to the airline which faced recently with flight delays, lasting almost 6 hours inside the airplane in the middle of the runway. With pressure from the media and the public, JetBlue declared a Customer Bill of Rights, which in hope will give consumer's an advantage to future flight delays or problems.

Makes anyone wonder how long will it take for the troops to come back home? Well, according to President Bush's "strategery" plan, US troops may return as late as Easter of 2012.

If JetBlue's flight delays persist, we will be seeing future flight delays in Iraq lasting longer than 6 hours or worst even for days.

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