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Monday, March 05, 2007

Don't break your wallet for the iPhone yet.

Guy Kawasaki has a great post on the great expectations of the iPhone from Apple.

Here are a few points Guy makes and I agree and ponder about:
Will people tolerate Cingular’s Edge network? I switched from Cingular to Verizon to get EVDO. Edge is supposed to be three to fours times slower than EVDO. The knock on EVDO is that it has much less coverage, but I’ve seldom had coverage problems. Maybe only people like me who have used EVDO will ever realize that Edge is so much slower...

Is there voice navigation? This will help the keypad issue, but I haven’t seen anything that says that there will be. If you can do this on a Windows Mobile smartphone, I’d be astounded if you can’t on an iPhone. But I’ve been astounded before.

Will people pay $500-600 for the convergence of phone, Internet device, and music player? And this doesn’t even count the $100 or so contract-termination fee since carriers treat current customers worse than new ones. Perhaps we should look at the iPhone as an Internet tablet or a PSP for old people—if you didn’t have to buy a service contract. (Will an iPhone run without a SIM card in it?) Maybe Apple could remove the phone from iPhone and make it a high-end iPod.

What’s the impact of a closed system where developers cannot create software for a phone? Imagine, for example, if you could only use iLife and iWork on your Macintosh. Is that what using the iPhone will be like? What about VPN? What about synching with an Exchange server? This is a consumer phone, but consumers do have corporate jobs.

I'll save my money for now until all major bugs in the 1st release of the iPhone have been fixed. The phone is sleek and stylish running MacOSX. The real question is, will I switch from my cheap, unlimited minutes, and useful MetroPCS phone to the more expensive, limited calls, and contracted plan by Cingular? If you are not awared yet, Cingular will have exclusivity over all other mobile networks (T-Mobile, Sprint, etc) on how the iPhone will be sold with whatever plans they make you pay for.

I left Cingular over 2 years ago and wouldn't go back, but the iPhone is just tempting me to reconsider. If Apple or anyone outside the company happens to sell unlock version of the iPhone, i'll be on that sweet baby faster than you can say "APPLE".

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